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20 West 55th Street: Hopefully, Our Last Buildout Update!

March 24, 2023
office furniture - 20 West 55th Street

File cabinets and book shelves

It was a stressful week for our new space. On Wednesday, we discovered that 55th Street was closed due to a high-ranking foreign official staying at the Peninsula Hotel – concrete barriers were up, while Police Officers, Secret Service, and others were all over the place. Rumors had it that the foreign dignitary was, in fact, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Abdul-Latif Rashid. This street closure could have caused a problem since our furniture delivery was scheduled for Thursday morning. Well, Sean, the gentleman overseeing the buildout, leaped into action! He went down to 6th Avenue and was able to work out that our furniture could arrive as scheduled between 6:30 and 9:00 am. The only caveat was the truck had to park on 6th Avenue, which meant the delivery people had to wheel all the items up the street to our building. Thankfully, by 8:00 am, Sean informed us everything had gone smoothly.

Furniture mistake - 20 West 55th Street

Furniture Mistake

Amy & I got to the 55th Street space around 11:30 and were pleased to see that most of the furniture was in place. I will add that the AMC Transfer, Inc. installers were great. The only glitch, one small side table is about 2 inches too wide, so it does not fit in the space. Since the manufacturer did the measurements, I am sure they will correct the issue; at least, I hope they will.

Gallery photo - 20 West 55th Street

Contemporary space

Earlier in the week, Verizon had their people in to install the VoIP phone system. Two installers from the alarm company were there finishing up the wiring. We thought it was all done, but the original installer forgot to put in the wires for the three monitors, so these two gentlemen were snaking wires across the space (much of which was in the closed ceiling). It was impressive to see them at work, and no holes were made – at least not while we were there!! And just as we were leaving, a man showed up to install the glass privacy film.

photo of the storage area - 20 West 55th Street

Storage area

All the doors, handles, and locks are in. The paper used to protect the floors was removed, and the space looks great. On Monday, they will install the dark blue wall covering, and then the painter will come to do any touchups. We are still waiting for two items, a small sofa in Lance’s office and the reception/Alyssa’s desk (the latter of which was built by a different company). The sofa was also supposed to be delivered on Thursday morning, but that company did not want to deal with the mess on 55th Street, so they are coming on Monday. The reception desk is due at the beginning of April.

What does this all mean? By next week, we can start moving everything out of the warehouse and into our new location at 20 West 55th Street. I hope this is the last buildout update, and my next report will start with the words – WE ARE IN!