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Over a period of time, we have purchased a number of paintings from Rehs Gallery. We have always been satisfied-an impressed-with the quality of their service, expertise, and above all-straight and honest advice and dealing. Howard is always generous with his expertise. For example, he even brought me back a small catalog from an obscure and -difficult to reach- museum in the French countryside, because he knew we had some interest in the artist!

David D., CA


An offering of great art ranging from established masters such as Boudin, Cortes, and Aston Knight, among others to more modern and contemporary artists displaying a range of atmospheric, impressionistic works to realism. Rehs' Gallery also delivers great service and advice for the collector at all levels of sophistication and budget.

Leo & Paula G., NYC


I have found Howard and his staff to be extremely knowledgeable and willing to complete the transaction on terms we both felt good about. Delivery and installation were top notch in each case.

Lee K., FL


I am happy to confirm, that my dealings with you and your father has always been a pleasure.

I have bought three paintings from your gallery and I was very pleased with the way you handled those transactions. I was especially impressed by the ability to see those paintings in my home, before I made the final decision to buy. Your advice regarding some of my other paintings was very helpful and was given in a very friendly way. To conclude: If I am looking to buy another painting, I would only buy it from your Gallery.

Henning M., CT


Rehs Galleries provides information regarding the art market, artists and works of art to art professionals as well as to buyers and collectors. Their council and advice is always available to everyone. In a market that seems to thrive on secrecy, Rehs is a welcome change. The Rehs Gallery and Howard Rehs are assets to the art marketplace.

Sandra Tropper, ASA - "An appraiser who values the honesty and candor"


We highly recommend Rehs Gallery based on our personal and positive experience from the first contact to the perfect delivery. We have experienced this every time on every purchase. Their care continues well past the sale!!

Lance P., NB


My wife and I have purchased 8 paintings from Rehs Gallery over the past five years. Our repeat purchases indicate that we enjoy working with Howard and his family, we find good value in the art pieces and we absolutely trust him. All interactions are enjoyable and efficient. The art pieces arrive well packaged and in excellent shape. And we love the art work!! We deal with four different galleries but our go to for higher value art has and will continue to be Rehs.

Pat A., IL


Your web page is easy to navigate and full of information, but your "Comments on the Art Market" are factual, interesting and fun to read.

Michael R., NY


Proof is found by how it has single handedly changed the Antoine Blanchard market. Before Rehs' online registration of all known Blanchard works it has authenticated (over 450 now), this market was haphazard at best, fraudulent at the very least !

Now, because of Rehs expertise and vigilance, Antoine Blanchard flourishes in the art market again.

Thank you Amy and Howard Rehs.

Stod R., OH


My wife and I have been dealing with Rehs Gallery for the past two years. To say that we have been extremely satisfied is a mild way to explain it.

They have been so helpful in helping us find art that we truly love. Art that we can treasurer and love to have forever. 

Their inventory and selection is outstanding and we have suggested to our closest friends that they are the gallery you "must" visit and talk to before making any art purchase.

Their family and staff have never pressured us but have helped us with the service we all expect a great gallery to provide.

Ray A., FL


Since it is your Birthday today, I thought it would be an appropriate time to let you you know how much I appreciate your help over my many years of collecting art.

Every day I enjoy the beautiful pieces I purchased through your gallery, but the best thing about the relationship, to me , is the fact that we became friends, and that is more valuable than the paintings. I can always trust what you tell me and in the art world that means everything. Thank you for your help.

Harry S., TX


In 2004 I spotted a painting in Howard’s inventory which I bought and still love to this day. When buying from the gallery I should have been given a (financial) health warning though, as it started a single artist collecting habit that continues to this day. Thankfully, I have nearly finished a book on the artist’s life, so soon I will be able to share my fun and knowledge with others. What a lovely journey it has been for someone who knows very little about art – but I do know what I like!

David C., UK


My association with the Rehs family goes back more than a decade. I say family because I dealt with Howard by phone until I visited New York dropping in unexpectedly to the gallery and met Howard’s father, Joe Rehs. We had a delightful visit and then my eye landed upon a beautiful Frere. Mr. Rehs was unfamiliar with the price for the painting so he had to look up the information. He quoted me a price which I accepted. A few days later, Howard returned to the gallery and gave me a call. He said he had been looking at sales results in Europe and the Frere was in need of an updated appraisal. Wink, wink. The selling price I was given was substantially under the market but the Rehs stood by it and never another word was said until now. I view the whole family as very honorable. They do business the right way even with people miles away.

Len M., TX


I have known of Rehs Gallery and Howard Rehs for over twenty years and have always been impressed not only by the quality of work they carry, but the expertise he and his family have in 19th century art and art history, something that I have found many other art dealers lack. It was not a surprise to me when they started to carry works by top end Contemporary Realist artists as well, being one of the galleries at the for front of the new avant-garde movement back towards high quality, skill based art, reflecting contemporary ideas and concepts, which will undoubtedly become the trend in the 21st century.

Kara R., NJ


The Rehs e-mails are an absolute joy. Thank you for the highly literate, enlightening and often humorous prose. A rare treat these days!

My chosen profession, missionary, (and forced into retirement at that) assures that my passion for art brings me to the very bottom of the market. Nonetheless, your marvelous offerings bring to my wife and I great joy. Thank you very much.

Phil T., UK


My wife and I first visited the Gallery in 2015. We were interested in the works of Edouard Cortes, and had learned through online research that this artist is one of special interest to Rehs Galleries and to Howard Rehs in particular.

We were met by Howard and his son Lance, who were friendly, gracious and patient. They showed us several paintings by Cortes, displaying them with various lighting levels and even, at our request, in an optional frame.

We found Howard's business approach to be relaxed, honest and straightforward, and his pricing very fair.

While we did not buy on that occasion, we stayed in touch, and recently the time was right. We bought a lovely Cortes from the Gallery and Howard could not have been more accommodating. He arranged for secure shipping to Toronto at the Gallery's expense, and our Cortes hangs proudly in our living room.

We would not hesitate to do business with the Rehs Gallery and family should the time be right again!

David B., Canada


We remember our wonderful visit to your gallery about two years ago. We were warmly greeted by everyone (your family) and had a pleasant stay with good conversation. At no time did we feel rushed or pressured; it was a great experience.

Joan & Frank G.


I have followed Rehs' gallery for 20 years, and have always enjoyed my experience interacting with your staff. I bought two catalogue raisonnes from you, and you only charged me for one! Thank you. I have gained much knowledge and insight from your art newsletters; I always enjoy reading them. My interest in Rehs is 20th century French Street Art, and your inventory and collection is the best of that genre. Keep up the good work.

Ron D., FL


When professionals seek other professionals for reliable information about the fine art market, artists, and their works of art, Rehs Galleries's goes above and beyond to assist. We thank you for your sound counsel and taking your valuable time to talk about Charles van den Eycken.

Maureen & Fred W.

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