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20 West 55th: Buildout Update

February 15, 2023
construction photo - buildout

Long view

Last week was very busy. First, our daughter’s baby arrived, then we had to pack for the upcoming Palm Beach Show, not to mention we needed to check on the progress of the new gallery’s buildout. Of course, the new addition to our family took priority, so we earmarked Thursday for packing (which took about 4 hours) and then went over to 20 West 55th Street in the late afternoon.

construction photo - buildout

Floor leveling

Sean English, who is doing a great job managing the buildout, walked us through the space. We were pleased to see that the bathrooms are close to completion. The ceilings in the three open gallery spaces, along with all exposed pipes and ductwork, were painted (now that it is all white, you do not even notice it), and the pendant lights in those areas are installed. The crew began leveling the gallery floors and installing the office carpeting and the tile floors in the storage area, kitchen, and file room. A few of the door frames are now installed, and the steel doors for the bathrooms were delivered (it was nice to see that some of them have started arriving).

construction photo - buildout

Historical Gallery

The more formal room (where we will display the historical works of art) is coming together nicely. The wood walls have been prepped and are ready for the blue wall covering (one of the last things to be installed), and the crown molding is up. All the pendant lights are in the drop ceiling, and the prep work for the track lighting has been completed.

Finally, all kitchen appliances were delivered and will be installed this coming week. As many of you know, we are heading to the show in Palm Beach this week and will make our next visit to the space on the afternoon of February 23.