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Major News: Big Changes Are Coming!

July 21, 2022
packing up - rehs galleries

Packing up

There comes the point when we all need a change, and 2022 appears to be that time for us. For the past 26 years, 5 East 57th Street has been our home. But as our businesses have grown, so has the need for more space. So, as of August 31st, Rehs Galleries, Inc. will no longer be at our current location. In fact, we have decided to close our existing space to visitors starting August 1st, giving us the much-needed time to pack everything up.

Now, I am sure you are wondering where we are going? Well, for the next few months, our art will be at UOVO, a beautiful fine art storage facility in Long Island City. In the meantime, we (along with a lot of help from our new landlord) will build our new space at 20 West 55th Street. This new location is more than twice the size of our current space, allowing us to display and store more art and curate multiple exhibitions simultaneously.

packing up - rehs galleries

Packing up

Have no fear; we will still be working seven days a week. Both Rehs Galleries and Rehs Contemporary will participate in several art and antique fairs over the summer and fall seasons: Newport, Nantucket, Baltimore, and Winnetka. As we acquire new works, they will be added to our website, and our weekly updates and monthly newsletter will continue. If you are going to be in New York and would like to see any of our works physically, we can arrange a viewing at UOVO, located on the Queens side of the 59th Street bridge.

Our current phone number, (212) 355-5710, will forward to a cell phone, so you can still reach us. If needed, we also ask that you take a moment to update our mailing address : 20 West 55th Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10019 (effective September 1, 2022).

We will keep everyone updated on the construction and let you know when we are planning our grand opening – hopefully, supply chain issues won’t have a big impact on us.