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Top 5 Art Crime Posts Of 2021

December 31, 2021

Take a look back at 2021’s most interesting art crime articles:

The Serial SwindlerThe Inigo Philbrick art scandal (here are a couple of our earlier posts on the matter: Inigo Philbrick – More Art World GreedKenny Schachter Duped by Inigo Philbrick) is getting more complex…  READ MORE

Huge Art Theft Uncovered– When Architettura, a work by Italian artist Ottone Rosai, fell from the wall of Italian broadcasting company Rai, an art heist hidden in the shadows for decades was brought to light… READ MORE

Misrepresentation & Deception – The Auction World At Its Worst! – On September 8th, I received an email stating: Hello ~ Recently acquired what is being claimed as a JBC Corot painting. I have a small window within which to authenticate or return the piece… READ MORE

Angela Is Now Awaiting Trial – Back in 2017, Angela Gulbenkian’s criminal activities in the art world surfaced … basically selling works (a Warhol and Kusama) that she did not have the authority to sell… READ MORE

Disappointing End For Another Nazi-Looted Artwork – A final update on the work by Camille Pissarro – La Bergere Rentrant des Moutons. Leone-Noelle Meyer, a Holocaust survivor herself, has renounced her rights to the artwork in a decades-long legal struggle… READ MORE