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Huge Art Theft Uncovered

June 18, 2021

images of stolen artworkWhen Architettura, a work by Italian artist Ottone Rosai, fell from the wall of Italian broadcasting company Rai, an art heist hidden in the shadows for decades was brought to light. According to reports, upon inspection, it was determined that the painting was a well-executed copy, sparking an inventory check on the company’s 1,500-piece art collection. By the end, they realized that 120 original artworks were unaccounted for, roughly $30 million worth, including works by notable artists Claude Monet, Amedeo Modigliani, Alfred Sisley, and de Chirico.

Authorities concluded that the thefts began in the 1970s but increased in the 1990s after Rai’s collection was exhibited in Puglia, and employees recognized the worth of the office decor. As for Architettura, a former employee admitted to the theft, selling the work for 25 million lira in the 1970s. However, since the statute of limitations for the robbery falls beyond the 10-year limit, no charges can be filed.

Source: Guttuso, Monet, De Chirico, the big sack of Rai: “120 works of art stolen”

Source: Police Accuse ‘Disloyal Employees’ of Stealing $30 Million Worth of Art From the Italian Broadcast Company Rai