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They Want Their Art Back!

January 8, 2021
a document with the missing paintings and valuations

Missing Works

Back in 2016, Gallery Shchukin filed a lawsuit against the Russian financier Rustaam Iseev, for the return of five paintings said to be worth $60 million.  In order to avoid arrest, Iseev informed the court where the works were being stored; however, the location was never disclosed to the gallery or their lawyers.  So, the battle continued.

Now, just over four years later, the gallery and their lawyers have filed a $100 million lawsuit in an attempt to force the judge to disclose the whereabouts of the works.  According to one article, the defendant is not disputing that the paintings belong to Shchukin, but asserts that they are being held as collateral against a $2 million loan.

Gotta love the upper end of the art market!

Source: Art gallery wants judge to disclose location of art worth $60 million

Source: Lawsuit claims $100m damages in tangled case of hidden Russian art worth $60m