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The Purloined Amati

January 7, 2021


Mr. Rowland Weinstein (a California dealer) recently learned a valuable lesson … after exiting your automobile, it is always wise to lock it.  It is even more advisable when you have an object worth close to $1 million in it.

On December 8th, Weinstein parked his Tesla in front of his home in Los Feliz, and when he returned, both the car and a Girolamo Amati II violin (dating from 1710) were missing.  Weinstein purchased the violin in 2013 for $507,000 and was moving it from one location to a more secure one – guess an unlocked car proved to be the least secure!

Law enforcement is on the hunt for the thief, and Weinstein has offered $25,000 for information that leads to the violin’s safe return.

Source: FBI hunts for stolen 18th century violin worth $900,000