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Marc Restellini Sues Wildenstein

June 10, 2020

modigliani-man-caneEarlier today it was reported, in Le Monde, that Marc Restellini (an art historian and Modigliani expert) is suing the Wildenstein Plattner Institute (a non-profit institution created by Guy Wildenstein and Hasso Plattner in 2016).  Restellini is claiming that the Wildenstein Plattner Institute has made and distributed unauthorized copies of his materials, and that it has “announced that it intends to disseminate publicly material that Restellini owns, created, and generated without Restellini’s permission and in violation of Restellini’s rights.”

We will keep you updated on this one

Source: A complaint against The Wildenstein Plattner Institute, Inc.

Source: Art Historian Sues Wildenstein Plattner Institute for Holding Modigliani Research ‘Hostage’