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Curated Connections: The Sun, Sky and Earth

May 14, 2020

Fresh air hits a little different these days. I went for a short walk by the river yesterday, and it is overwhelming how a few moments spent in the sun and breathing in the fresh air can have such a powerful effect on your mind and body (especially 63 days into quarantine with no end in sight).  Keeping things fresh and bright doesn't have to stop once you step inside. There are ways to bring the outdoor elements into your home with low maintenance (writing this as I ignore my peripheral of a pathetic drooping house plant, I promise, I'll do better) and a sense of ease.  Think back to the basics… if a child is going to draw the sun, he or she will reach for a yellow crayon, the sky a vibrant blue, and the grass a lavish green.  So why not try to bring those three colors into the house in the form of art.  Here is a collection of "trifectas" I put together that are all currently available through the gallery.  Each work on its own symbolizes the sun's yellow energy, the sky's blue calmness, and the earth's mindfulness green.

Todd M. Casey

Beth Sistrunk

8Bit Zero

Anthony Mastromatteo

Katie Swatland