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Curated Connection: Primitivism

April 27, 2020

I have woken up the past couple of weeks to the sound of birds chirping.  Since I too am, an early bird, I do not mind the noise.  But what I have realized is that for the past 6 years that I have lived in the city, I don’t think I have ever woken up to birds chirping. My typical morning music goes to the tune of sirens blaring and cars honking on the FDR.  With this pandemic has come more trauma than anyone can comprehend, but this morning allowed me to appreciate the bitter sweetness of its primitivism.


It has yet to hit mainstream headlines, but I have stumbled across articles which explore how much the world, itself, is healing.  Skies are bluer, water is clearer, and animals are venturing into territories only their ancestors once roamed.  And for me, I woke up to birds chirping in the Concrete Jungle. Might I add, I live on the 27th floor, so those chirps are traveling far and wide. Now back to primitive.  Primitive Art refers to cultural artifacts, think more along the lines of the basic human figure sculptures of African Art and Tribal Art, not the technically advanced artifacts of ancient Egypt and Rome.  And the term Primitivism, which emerged in the late 19th Century, refers to a style of art that imitates primitiveness, think of works by Rousseau and Gauguin.


Our gallery does not sell Primitive Art, nor have we hit the jackpot by acquiring a work by Rousseau or Gauguin.  What we do have are works of art that have been influenced by Modern Masters and some that even strip the scene of human existence in its entirety, featuring a more pure and thriving natural world.  Here is a collection of artworks that are currently available at the gallery that are most notably inspired by the concepts of Primitivism and in a way, take us back to an undeveloped world.


Click the images below for more details.

Ben Bauer "Moonrise over Lowry, MN"

Eleinne Basa "Awaiting the Warmth"

Julie Bell "Speak Softly"

Erik Koeppel "Winter Light in the White Mountains"

Erik Koeppel "Morning Light on Long's Peak, Rocky Mountains"


Ken Salaz "Catalina Sunset - Tuscon, AZ"

Ken Salaz "Sunrise Over Lake Placid"


Bart Walter "Father and Son Maquette"

Bart Walter " Striding Cougar Maquette"