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Curated Connections: Zen-Out

April 20, 2020

Today's inspiration came early in the morning during my zen-ist moment.  I had woken up for my morning yoga routine, and out the window was nothing but whiteness. The view overlooking the East River was gone, as if someone hung a white sheet outside my window.  During my first of four rounds of Sun Salutation I had reached Baby Cobra and looked up… the only thing I saw was my small lemon tree atop the windowsill against the stark fogged background.  I love this little tree... well, to be honest, it is more like a couple of branches, and it does not bare lemons, but none the less, when it flowers, it is beautiful.  And that’s when the inspiration for today's collection popped into my mind.  I began thinking about all of the works I have seen that share this same sort of simplistic power… whether the backdrop is white, pink, or black, it really allows you to see nothing other than the detailed subject.  With the void of distractions, these “cut and paste” type paintings will enable you to “Zen-out.”


Here are a few currently available works that have extraordinary simplistic power: