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Thieves Target Notre-Dame Amid Lockdown

March 23, 2020
Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Ok, first things first – I hope you and your families are all safe but please STAY HOME! And if you have to go out for any reason remember social distancing! Do your part, in these difficult times, by doing nothing!

Now, onto some art world news… While Paris, and most of the world, is shut down in an effort to stem the spread of Coronavirus, some folks are simply not observing the orders to remain inside… in fact, two individuals even went as far as to take advantage of the situation by targeting Notre-Dame Cathedral, now that restoration has been halted. The two men were spotted by guards and taken into custody as they attempted to steal various stones from the damaged structure. According to a spokesperson, the thieves likely intended to sell the stones on the black market and are facing charges of attempted theft.

Source: Notre-Dame Cathedral Targeted by Thieves Amid Coronavirus Lockdown – ARTnews.com