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Blurring The Lines – So Sad!

November 13, 2017

da Vinci

It’s going to be an action packed week.  Sotheby’s will be offering their American, Impressionist/Modern and Post-War/Contemporary works of art.  Christie’s has settled on offering just Impressionist/Modern and Post-War/Contemporary (their American selection will be offered next week).

What makes these sales different is the way the salerooms have mixed in ‘other’ things.  Sotheby’s will be offering a Ferrari in their Contemporary evening art auction and an O’Keeffe in their evening Impressionist sale (that one should be in their American sale), while Christie’s will be selling a da Vinci in their Contemporary evening sale.

There used to be some sort of order in the way works were presented to the market … cars in auto auctions, Old Masters in Old Master sales, etc.  The da Vinci will add at least $100M to their Contemporary sale results (it already has an irrevocable bid) even though it is not a contemporary work of art. Looks like they will do anything to bolster a sale’s results. Today it is all about the money and it seems that anything (even a Ferrari) can be considered art.

Source: Ferrari: Da Vinci, Ferrari Are Star Attractions At $1.6 Billion Auctions – Bloomberg Quint