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More on Tonight’s Sale – Holy Moly!

May 16, 2013

It was an amazing display of people spending money — and a lot different from last night’s session at Sotheby’s.  Here, Christie’s blew the doors off the competition.  By lot 50 they were up to $377M  — and I will add that the auctioneer is giddy!  By lot 53 they were over $411M and when they hit lot 55 the auctioneer lost his voice — literally!  One lot later his voice was back (after the Rothko made $24M hammer).


When the sale ended, of the 72 lots offered, 2 were withdrawn and 66 sold … a sell-through rate of 94% (WOW) and a total take of over $495M (Double WOW).  I am at a loss for words.



Jackson Pollock’s “Number 19, 1948” ($58.4M)