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Country Life: Scenes in Normandy & Brittany
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Edouard Leon CortesBord de l'Orne Edouard Leon CortesBreton Interior Edouard Leon CortesFishing, Normandy
Edouard Leon CortesHorse & Wagon on a Village Lane Edouard Leon CortesInterieur Normand, Effet de Lumiere Edouard Leon CortesLa Bazouge-de-Chéméré (Mayenne)
Edouard Leon CortesLe Canal Edouard Leon CortesLe repas du soir, effet de lampe Edouard Leon CortesLes Blanchisseuses
Edouard Leon CortesLes Foins Edouard Leon CortesPrintemps en Normandie Edouard Leon CortesThe Breton Family
Edouard Leon CortesPlace de l'Hotel de Ville, jour de marche Edouard Leon CortesÉté au Jardin Edouard Leon CortesConcarneaux in Bretagne
Edouard Leon CortesBretonne Assise Face a la Cheminee Edouard Leon CortesThe Ferryman Edouard Leon CortesBy the Mill
Edouard Leon CortesGathering Twigs in Winter Edouard Leon CortesSoir de Neige Edouard Leon CortesSoir d’Hiver
Edouard Leon CortesAt the Village Blacksmith Edouard Leon CortesSoir de Neige Edouard Leon CortesPommiers en fleur (Printemps à Gouvernes)
Edouard Leon CortesLes Halles et la Tour le Roy a Caen (Boulevard des Alliés, Church of Saint-Pierre) Edouard Leon CortesLe Pecheur au Riviere (Crécy-en-Brie) Edouard Leon CortesFemme Recurant les Cuivres
Edouard Leon CortesFamille le soir à la veillée Edouard Leon CortesFamily Interior Edouard Leon CortesPottery Market in Guingamp
Edouard Leon CortesFamily in Brittany Edouard Leon CortesMa Mere Edouard Leon CortesA Little River Near Paris
Edouard Leon CortesLa Fermiere Edouard Leon CortesLandscape with Horse and Carriage Edouard Leon CortesLe sud de la France
Edouard Leon CortesPêcheur à Biercy-sur-Morin (Seine-et-Marne) Edouard Leon CortesLa Barque Edouard Leon CortesLittle Village in Normandy
Edouard Leon CortesInterieur, effet de lampe Edouard Leon CortesLe Tricot Edouard Leon CortesIntérieur au chat
Edouard Leon CortesCopper Pots Edouard Leon CortesPaysage anime de personnages Edouard Leon CortesPecheur a la ligne dans le bras d'une riviere
Edouard Leon CortesReturning Home Edouard Leon CortesSoir d'Hiver Edouard Leon CortesA Little River in Normandie
Edouard Leon CortesBy the River, Normandy Edouard Leon CortesOuistreham, Normandie Edouard Leon CortesEn la jardin
Edouard Leon CortesA Little River in Normandie Edouard Leon CortesAttelage en Normandie  

While most people are familiar with Edouard Cortes’ glorious Parisian Street scenes, very few actually know that he also painted many landscapes and interiors in the Normandy and Brittany areas. In 1925 he and his family moved back to Lagny – the small town, just east of Paris, where he was born and grew up. Lagny had a rich, artistic heritage and was an area that many artists visited to gather inspiration including Lebasque, Luce and Pissarro.

It was during his return to Lagny that he became active in the Union des Beaux-Arts de Lagny and was elected its first president. The Union’s first exhibition was held in 1927 and Cortès continued to exhibit there until the late 1930’s. Cortès also set up a second studio in the town of Ouistreham in the Normandy area during this period.

These Realist works, painted from 1925 – 1945, capture the simple and quiet life of the countryside. They are tranquil and often feature a few figures going about their daily life. Like his Paris street scenes, these painting are created with impressionistic brushstrokes and bright colors; even when he paints his evening scenes, Cortès always adds a few of his signature colors – red, yellow and blue – in a window, shop sign or gas lantern.

In 1930 he exhibited Le Marché à Lagny at the Union des Beaux-Arts. The work depicted the busy market in the town of Lagny on a warm sunny day and was so popular that it was purchased by the city – where it is still displayed.

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