Authentication & Appraisal Services


We will supply photo-certificates for the following artists:

Daniel Ridgway Knight
Emile Munier
Julien Dupré

Please send us professional high-resolution digital files (at least 8 x 10 inches, 300 dpi) of the front, back, and signature.  We also need a completed Input Sheet (see below).  In return, we will provide you with a photo-certificate.  In certain instances it may be necessary for the work be sent to us for our inspection. 

By using this service, you will also be granting us the right to reproduce the work in our forthcoming catalogue raisonné on that artist.

The fee for this service is $1,500.00 and only one photo certificate will be issued for a work.  This certificate is an important document concerning the works authenticity and should the work be sold, or given to someone, the certificate should accompany the work.

Input Sheet for Daniel Ridgway Knight

Input Sheet for Emile Munier

Input Sheet for Julien Dupré

Letters of Authenticity for Antoine Blanchard

The gallery will provide authentication of works by Antoine Blanchard (1910 - 1988).  We strongly recommend that you read Volume 51 of our newsletter before you submit a work for authentication ... it may answer some of your questions:

Volume 51 - The Blanchard Story

If, after reading the article, you still want us to examine your painting, please use the link below to view the appropriate page on the Blanchard web site for more information on this service (the fee for a letter is $300):

Input Sheet for Antoine Blanchard


We are often asked to re-appraise a work of art after a general appraiser has already been paid to do the job.  What we find is that many general appraisers do not have the in-depth knowledge necessary to accurately appraise important works of art – and let's face it, how can one person be an expert in everything?  When this happens, their values are often incorrect and should something happen to the work in question you will not have the appropriate coverage.

If the work of art falls within the scope of our expertise, we can help you.  The gallery deals in 19th & early 20th century European and American art.  We focus on artists who exhibited at the Paris Salon and the Royal Academy from 1850 – 1920. We also specialize in the 20th century works of Edouard Cortès and Antoine Blanchard.

If you would like an appraisal for a work of art you own, you will need to supply us with the following: good quality photos of the front and back of the work, a complete description of the item (actual canvas size, medium and location of the signature) and a condition report.  In return we can supply you with a written appraisal (please note that there may be instances where we will need to see the actual painting in question).

The fee for this service starts at $350.00.

Verbal Opinion

You are welcome to send us an image and receive a verbal opinion at no charge; the only exceptions to this are works by Daniel Ridgway Knight, Julien Dupré, Emile Munier and Antoine Blanchard (please see above).  No written documentation will be provided and the opinion will be based on the photos supplied to us.  Please note that we will retain these photos for our files.