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Virtual Exhibitions

The Virtual Exhibition area of our site has been created for your enjoyment. All the information and images contained in the specific artist exhibitions below are the property of Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc. and may not be reproduced or transmitted in any way without written consent from Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc.

Please note that all of the works featured in these exhibits have been SOLD by the gallery. None of the works illustrated in our Virtual Exhibitions are currently available.

Gallery Exhibitions

The Big Gamble

Heroes, Villains, Myths, Legends


Reflecting the Real


ARC Select 2016

Skin & Tonic

ARC Select 2017: Contemporary Figures


ARC Select: The Modern Muse

I Observe


A Noble Pursuit

New York or Bust

The Contemporary Nude

Small Works 2021


Specific Artist Exhibitions
Banks, Allan (Born 1948)
Allan Banks (b. 1948)
Banks, Holly Hope (Born 1957)
Holly Hope Banks - A Galaxy of Blossoms
Casey, Todd M. (Born 1979)
Todd M. Casey - Wine and Spirits
Giannini, Ugo (1919 - 1993)
Ugo Giannini (1919 - 1993)
Harris, Gregory Frank (Born 1953)
Gregory Frank Harris (b.1953)
Kuhn, John (Born 1948)
John Kuhn - A Detailed Perspective - Fruit & Flowers
Kuhn, John (Born 1948)
John Kuhn - A Detailed Perspective - Toys & Candy
Oretsky, Barry (Born 1946)
Barry Oretsky - A Survey of works from 1988 - 1993
Swatland, Katie (Born 1981)
Katie Swatland - An Artist's Journey
Swatland, Sally (Born 1946)
Sally Swatland
Swatland, Sally (Born 1946)
Summer Gardens
Swatland, Sally (Born 1946)
Intimate Studies of Childhood