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Heroes, Villains, Myths, Legends
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Hi-Yo SilverAnthony WaichulisHi-Yo Silver FortitudeEdward DillonFortitude PatriotTimothy W. JahnPatriot
Where Adventure Begins...Anthony WaichulisWhere Adventure Begins... ModelAnthony WaichulisModel SymbioteTimothy W. JahnSymbiote
The Dark Side of the ForceRodney O'Dell DavisThe Dark Side of the Force Fallen GloryKevin A. MooreFallen Glory BustedSharon HouriganBusted
HomecomingLeah WaichulisHomecoming PhrenologyErika BaezPhrenology JourneyBernard PorembaJourney
AphroditeErin AndersonAphrodite Edge of SpringJoel Carson JonesEdge of Spring PeterTerese RogersPeter's Denial of Christ
Deal with the DevilStuart DunkelDeal with the Devil The MediatorStuart DunkelThe Mediator You and What Army, Men?Kelsey AmyYou and What Army, Men?
Sea of LoveAlicia LangSea of Love ItMichael HockenburyIt's Alive Ultimate LoveLois EdwardsUltimate Love
The Once and Mighty KingHelen CrispinoThe Once and Mighty King Grand-PierreTim ReynoldsGrand-Pierre Pyrrhic VictoryJason BradyPyrrhic Victory
Icarus Flies to SeleneEmma HirstIcarus Flies to Selene I Shot and Arrow into the AirChelsea HerronI Shot and Arrow into the Air The SandmanVictoria SteelThe Sandman
The Eye of the DayElena GreenThe Eye of the Day AwakeningRicardo E. MartinezAwakening AphroditeEmily GarlickAphrodite
NYC Blues LegendThomas MartinNYC Blues Legend Taking FlightStephen A. Yavorski, Jr.Taking Flight InterrogationAndy JuddInterrogation
Ride Between Life and DeathPatricia Díaz Ride Between Life and Death Why So Serious?Roneidy BonillaWhy So Serious? El Lado Que No ConocesEddy VargasEl Lado Que No Conoces
Ever Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight?Elizardo MojicaEver Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight? ImpostersOmar Rodriguez Jr.Imposters Friday the ThirteenthJonathan Frómeta VasquezFriday the Thirteenth
The Pandora ParadboxJoe DillonThe Pandora Paradbox PoseidonWelinton LopezPoseidon The Sword and the ChaliceLynne GarlickThe Sword and the Chalice
Fable FruitPhil KiddFable Fruit The River StyxDeborah LloydThe River Styx Off the GridRomaro H. RichardsonOff the Grid
Arrogance and Nature MeetRoger C. LongArrogance and Nature Meet Poisoned ApplesShanicia RichardsonPoisoned Apples Indomitable WillCanita RuanIndomitable Will
Heads and TalesDeanna SkalkaHeads and Tales Forever BeautifulAugusto Urena RodriquezForever Beautiful La LloronaEduard Peña Peña La Llorona
CiguapaFelix Esteban RosarioCiguapa ILynne GarlickI'm Having an Old Friend for Dinner Future TimeLucy ShemoFuture Time
Dark KingdomEmily ReynoldsDark Kingdom Sir Vantes, The Ingenious GentlemanSusan WallaceSir Vantes, The Ingenious Gentleman  


Hours: March 17 - April 11, 2014: Monday - Friday, 10:30 am - 5:00 pm.

With mainstream media fixated on science fiction -- heroes, villains, myths and legends have not only become part of our daily lives, but in some cases, an obsession.  You see the effects every day, from San Francisco turning into Gotham City for a day just to make a little boy’s dream come true, to the young ladies who dream and plan their sweet 16s and weddings that are fit for a princess and the wealthy collectors paying tens of thousands of dollars for collectible comics and action figures.  In addition, according to various reports, the past five year's top worldwide box office hits were: 2013 - Iron Man 3 which made over $1.2 billion, 2012 - Marvel’s The Avengers making over $1.5 billion, 2011 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 bringing in over $1.3 billion, 2010 - Toy Story 3 making over $1 billion and 2009 - Avatar which made just over $2.7 billion …these movies are all about heroes, villains, myths and legends.  It is a theme everyone can relate to, and with such a broad subject matter given to the talent found at the Ani Art Academies ... well, our show – Heroes, Villains, Myths, Legends - is going to be epic.

Last year’s exhibition – The BIG Gamble – posed the following question: Does contemporary art need to shock the viewer to be good?  I think we proved it does not...well, kind of.    The overall reception to our exhibition was incredible and the opening saw more than 700 people in attendance with plenty of sales.

We have always viewed “shock-value” in terms of what some artists/people claim are works of art and the astronomical prices certain contemporary pieces can bring.  Over the past year, at auction, we have seen artists take everyday items, declare them works of art and sell them for large sums of money.  In addition, works by Basquiat reached nearly $50 million, Warhol’s work sold for $40 million+ and a Lichtenstein climbed over the $56 million mark – to many, this was shocking.  We believe the Ani Art Academy artists truly hold their own “shock-value.”

Realism has been overpowered by pop and abstract art for some time and we’re at a point where many are left thinking, “Where is the talent?” How many times do we have to walk out of a contemporary art exhibit and say to ourselves, “Well… a 5 year old could have done that!”  It is time that Realism steps out of the shadows of the art world and takes its place in the spotlight, where truly talented and devoted artists are appreciated for their refined skill and dedication.  The rigorous training at the Ani Art Academies develops artists who create “shock-value,” but in a very different way than most contemporary artists do. With shockingly precise and realistic charcoals and oil paintings, these young artists will make you rethink your views on the art world of today as they present works inspired by characters and stories they love. Take a journey with the Ani instructors, apprentices, students and alumni into another world, a world of Heroes, Villains, Myths & Legends.

This exhibit is the second significant concentration of works in New York City from The Ani Art Academies’ instructors, current apprentices, alumni and associates.  On view will be a variety of works celebrating The Lone Ranger, Poseidon, Atlas, Aphrodite, Mata Hari, Spider-man, Joker, Tron and many others; this will be an amazing exhibition and one we know you will enjoy.

As we have stated before, our ultimate goal with these exhibitions is to celebrate the good, the talented, and the skilled artists who continue a great tradition, centuries old, of Academic training.