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AutumnJulie BellAutumn FloatJulie BellFloat GloryJulie BellGlory's Arrival
NikiJulie BellNiki Paradise DreamworldJulie BellParadise Dreamworld StillnessJulie BellStillness
Unfolding RainbowJulie BellUnfolding Rainbow When I Close My EyesJulie BellWhen I Close My Eyes Wild HorsesJulie BellWild Horses

Lush takes us on an adventure inside the fantasy worlds of Julie Bell and investigates the significance of our bond to nature and other beings. Julie’s relationship with and love for animals, forests, the beach and the sky have always been a driving force behind much of her imagery and this exhibition embodies that connection in every way. Further, the figurative elements of her compositions allow her to expressly shape the narrative and the way the viewer engages. The works put forth that comprise Lush visually portray imagined scenes that are emotional and convey the power of non-verbal communication. For Julie, everything from the landscape, to the raw expressions of the animals and figures, to the manner in which they interact within their imagined settings, all embody her own experiences in the luxury of nature. Lush is simply the next step on a journey into better understanding our connections and interactions. It encapsulates Bell’s awareness of every detail of our environment, and her mindfulness as to the importance of emotion, as well as how those are intertwined.