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BIOGRAPHY - Walter Wallor Caffyn (1850 - 1897)

Walter Wallor Caffyn is well?known for his Victorian landscape paintings; living and working in Dorking, Surrey -- capturing the life of the people and the beauty of his surrounding countryside.

Little is known about the personal life of Walter Caffyn, although his paintings reflect an artist of great distinction.  His mastery of landscape painting created a great demand for his work -- even other artists, like Henry L. Rolfe (fl.1847-1881), the great British angling artist, would have Caffyn paint the landscape for their work.

Caffyn exhibited his first work at the Royal Society of British Artists in 1874/5: On the Mole at Norbury; continuing to exhibit there throughout his lifetime.  Other important works include: A Summer Afternoon on a Surrey River (1879), Showery Weather, Brockham, Surrey (1879/80), An Autumn Evening at Chilworth, Surrey (1882) and Hay Making: Near Castle Mill, Dorking (1885).  He also exhibited a number of important works at the Royal Academy of Arts, including: The Haunt of the Moorhen (1883), Across the Far Blue Hills, Holmbury, Surrey (1887) and Summer time: in the Grove, Box Hill, Dorking (1897).

Examples of his work can be found in the:

Brighton and Hove Museums and Art Galleries
Glasgow Museum
Guildford House Gallery
Mole Valley District Council