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BIOGRAPHY - Mary Browning (Active 1890 - 1910)

Continuing in the traditions of Sir Frank Dicksee and John William Waterhouse, Mary Browning specialized in romantic genre scenes; often gaining her inspiration from tales of life in medieval times.

Her paintings show a definite influence from the Impressionist painters, with her quick brushstrokes and bold coloration; but her style is grounded in the Academic traditions of finely modeled figures.  A Jesters’ Joust is a bold and important example of Browning’s work and is one of only two paintings known to exist by the artist; the other being A Difference of Opinion which was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1908.

Sold Works
A Jester\'s Joust - Mary Browning
Mary Browning
(Active 1890 - 1910)
A Jester's Joust
Oil on canvas
36 x 54 inches
Signed with initials