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BIOGRAPHY - Leon Joubert (Active 1877 - 1900)

Leon Joubert was a French artist who specialized in landscape painting.  Like many of the painters during the 19th century he studied with one of the premier artists of the period - Léon G. Pelouse (1838-1891) who was known for his majestic landscape images.

Joubert debuted at the Sociétaire des Artistes Français in 1883 and received an honorable mention in 1884 and a third class medal in 1889.  His work was included in both the Exposition Universalle of 1889 and 1900 – receiving the bronze medal at both.

His style and choice of subject matter show a significant influence from the work of the Barbizon painters – particularly that of Corot. Caude Phillips’ review of The Salon of the Champs Élysées of 1893 states: “Among these M. Joubert comes first, with his Le Colyseé vu du Palatin, a view of the Colosseum and its environment, more artistic and less nakedly topographical than any that has been produced since Corot in his early days made himself the interpreter of Roman city scenery.”

Selected Museums

Montpellier: L’embouchure de l’Arguenon
Montreal:  Environs de Rochefort 
                 Tombeáu de Chateaubriand à  Saint-Malo
Saint-Brieuc: Auntomne à Clairefontaine

Sold Works
Un Coin de Seine a Lavacourt - Leon Joubert
Leon Joubert
(Active 1877 - 1900)
Oil on canvas
38 x 64 inches