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BIOGRAPHY - John Sherrin (1819 - 1896)

A still life and animal painter, John Sherrin was born in London in 1819.  He worked mainly in watercolors and was a pupil of the famous still life artist William Henry Hunt (1790-1864) from whom he learned to paint nature with complete fidelity.

Sherrin skillfully manipulated his watercolors to portray even the slightest detail in nature and included a misty film in his works that copied the effects of the early morning dew on small buds and twigs.

Sherrin is considered to be a member of the "Bird's Nest" School a group of artists who share a common trait of including bird’s nests and eggs frequently in their works, although their skills, techniques and training differed from each other.

Sherrin was a frequent exhibitor at the Royal Academy from 1859 to 1894 and he showed at Suffolk Street and the New Watercolour Society (RI), where he became a member as well.

Selected Museums

Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Aberdeen Art Gallery
Blackburn Art Gallery
Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Manchester City Art Gallery
Ulster Museum

Sold Works
Still Life with Bird\'s Nest - John Sherrin
John Sherrin
(1819 - 1896)
Still Life with Bird's Nest
8 x 10 inches