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BIOGRAPHY - Jacques Bille (1880 - 1943)

Jacques Bille was born the thirteenth of February, 1880, in Paris.  He is noted for his beautifully soft floral paintings.  Bille was a horticulturist as well as an artist.  Horticulture, the scientific study of flowers, lends itself not only to a deeper understanding of flowers, by the artist, but also to his ability to create and then portray a finer, stronger, and more sophisticated floral painting.

During his time he was active in several exhibitions and clubs.  In France he exhibited at the Salon from 1914 to 1939  (where he received an honorable mention in 1922), as well as exhibits in Lyon, Saint?Die, Le Havre, Roubaix, Lille, and Liege. Bille was elected a member of the jury at the Beaux Arts de la Societe Nationale d'Horticulture and exhibited at the Royal Academy in England and the Royal Society of Belgium.

Some of his works can be found at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris and the Museum of Toulouse.