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BIOGRAPHY - Francis Sydney Muschamp (1851 - 1929)

For centuries artists have depicted mythological, classical and literary themes.  Fascinated, the artist contemplates these themes and thereafter transforms the canvas into a historical and philosophical account.

In the nineteenth century, the Neo-Classical movement bloomed, bringing forth a new style and interpretation of the past.  F. Sydney Muschamp was greatly influenced by this movement, and painted with the same vision as its leaders Lord Leighton and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

Muschamp’s brush was motivated by his love of the past and he concentrated on portraying Shakespearean, Classical and Baroque lifestyles.  This becomes quite evident, when reviewing titles of paintings he exhibited during his lifetime – these include: The Merchant of Venice, The Sonnet, Much Ado about Nothing, Juliet and her Nurse, The Fool and Maria: A Scene for ‘Twelfth Night’, The Winning of the Golden Fleece and Ivanhoe.

Born in Hull, the artist lived in London and exhibited his works between 1870 – 1903 at many of the major halls, including: the Royal Academy; Suffolk Street; Royal Society of Artists, Birmingham; Dudley Gallery & New Dudley Gallery; Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool; Manchester City Gallery; Royal Society of British Artists; Royal Hibernian Academy; and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.  He died in 1929.

Sold Works
The Music Lesson - Francis Sydney Muschamp
Francis Sydney Muschamp
(1851 - 1929)
Oil on canvas
16 x 24 inches
Signed and dated 1896