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BIOGRAPHY - Carl Kronberger (1841 - 1921)

Born in Freistadt, Austria on March 7, 1841, Kronberger received his formal training with Dyke, Anschutz and Hiltensperger at the Academy of Munich. Here he perfected his ability to paint the human figure and began to specialize in portrait and genre painting.  He was noted, during his lifetime, for finely detailed miniature portrait paintings often featuring the head of a Tyrolean gentleman.  However, he also painted a number of ‘true’ genre paintings.  These tiny masterpieces allowed the artist to display his immense talent and, are even today, sought after by collectors of Academic art.

During his lifetime he exhibited a number of works at the various exhibitions halls in Europe and won medals at exhibitions in Vienna (1873) and Munich (1901).  Among his exhibited works were: Law Proceedings (1873), Last Will (1875), At the Baptismal Feast (1876), Aunt is Coming (1876) and Theft Discovered too Late (1880). 

Sold Works
I Dropped It - Carl Kronberger
Carl Kronberger
(1841 - 1921)
Oil on panel
16 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches
Signed and inscribed Munchen