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Macallan Adami 1926 Makes Headlines

November 30, 2023
Rare bottle of Macallan Adami 1926

Macallan Adami 1926

In the world of top-shelf whiskies, a bottle of Macallan Adami 1926 recently made headlines for its jaw-dropping sale price, surpassing what most people spend on houses, luxury items, or even a lifetime supply of soda – if you like a little soda with your scotch – but why ruin a good thing?

Macallan Adami 1926 is considered a gem among whisky enthusiasts, with only 40 bottles ever made. Its label, designed by Valerio Adami, gives it a unique and modern look. Before being auctioned, it got a makeover with a new cork and label, a practice not uncommon even for high-end whiskies.

Describing its taste, Macallan’s Master Whisky Maker mentioned a mix of rich dark fruits, cherry, and dates, followed by an intense sweet oak flavor. Apparently, just a sip is a luxurious experience, almost like enjoying a fancy dessert.

The estimate on the rare bottle was £750 -1.2M ($930 – 1.4M) and when the hammer fell, someone with deep pockets paid a staggering £1.75M (£2.18M/ $2.7 w/p) for this bottle. It’s a huge investment that shows a serious passion for appreciating fine spirits. Hopefully, whoever bought it will relish it privately or be VERY generous to share it among fellow whisky lovers. Cheers to those with a taste for the finer things in life!