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BUT … It Can Impact A Work’s Salability

May 4, 2023


The word “but” is a conjunction that is often used to introduce a contrasting or conflicting statement. It is commonly used to indicate a shift in thought or a disagreement with a previous statement.

People who have worked with our gallery know that we are very particular about the art we offer for sale. Our goal is to find classic examples of the finest quality works from the artist’s best periods and in outstanding condition.

Over the years, there have been many times when clients have called us about works they saw elsewhere. More times than not, most of the pieces have issues (condition, quality, etc.), and the one thing we consistently say is that while you may like the look of the work, when it comes time to sell, the last thing you want to hear is, “Thanks for offering it to us, but…”

Are you wondering what those buts are? Well, here are a few.

But I have concerns about the work’s authenticity.
But the work has too many condition issues.
But it is not a typical work by the artist.
But it is not from the artist’s best periods.
But it is not signed.

Those sorts of buts will severely impact your ability to resell a work for a reasonable price; something we tell people to try and avoid at all costs – even if they have no intention of selling in the future. Remember, your heir may decide to sell, so why leave them with the problem.

Whether new to the art world or a seasoned collector, do your best to find works with as few buts as possible.