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20 West 55th – Even Closer

March 10, 2023

construction image - 20 West 55th – Even Closer

Long view

On Thursday, March 9th, we visited the new gallery space at 20 West 55th Street and were very impressed with the progress.

All floorings are in, and not only have the doors arrived, but several have been installed; among them are the front doors! The office and closet doors will be installed by next week, and then the painters will return to do their touch-ups. The carpenters are working hard on the storage area, which looks great. Once installed, the crew will line all the shelves with carpet (to protect the paintings as they are moved in and out). Most of the track lighting is up and working; boy, is it bright now. Then they can do the big clean-up and install the dark blue fabric in the historical gallery.

construction image - 20 West 55th – Even Closer

Storage area

The low voltage work (IT, alarm, cameras, speakers, etc.) is in its final phase, and Verizon will be in next week to install our new VoIP phone system. Last August, we had the gallery’s phone number ported to a cell phone, and I cannot wait to get rid of it! Walking around with two cell phones is not fun. The office furniture is on its way from the manufacturer to a New Jersey warehouse, and we hope it will be delivered to us next week. We have another couple of weeks to wait for the reception desk – it is being built by a different firm.

The only item that we are still waiting on is the HVAC. According to Sean, the mechanical unit was shipped. The problem, there is no way to track it, which seemed odd to us, but what do we know?

On the bright side, we can start bringing in our artwork once the IT work is completed and the furniture is in. We are hopeful that this will happen before the end of March.