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20 West 55th – Feeling Hopeful

February 25, 2023
construction photos of the gallery - feeling hopeful

Historical space

Feeling Hopeful!

We had an exciting week beginning with our return from the Palm Beach Show on Wednesday evening and traveling to Manhattan on Thursday, February 23rd, for our bi-weekly update with Sean and Chris, whose invaluable assistance we deeply appreciate. Upon arriving on the floor, we were pleasantly surprised to find that they had already begun installing the track lights, illuminating the space beautifully. The historical gallery space was particularly breathtaking, with all the lights in place, and most of the floors covered with heavy paper to ensure their protection. Only a long section remained uncovered to accommodate the movement of carts without any risk of damage.

construction photos of the gallery - feeling hopeful


The office spaces are nearing completion, and we eagerly await the delivery of our furniture in the second week of March. The pantry is all but finished, with the carpenter set to install the storage room millwork over the weekend. The sprinkler system has been installed, and all temporary pipes removed, rendering the space much cleaner. While we anticipate the shipment of the HVAC unit, wood doors, and trim on February 28th, the low-voltage work, such as IT, cameras, and speakers, still needs to be completed. Additionally, the historical gallery’s dark blue wall covering has arrived and will be installed once the space has been thoroughly cleaned.

construction photos of the gallery - feeling hopeful

Contemporary space

While Sean mentioned a few minor setbacks, our optimism remains high. Unfortunately, a small connection piece for a recessed track light in my office was not included in the initial delivery, which may take up to four weeks to arrive. Additionally, two occupancy sensors are missing, with a projected arrival date of over a month. However, we can still operate the lights with standard switches, and the defective emergency driver for an Open Area pendant fixture poses no threat to our move-in date. All in all, we are feeling incredibly hopeful that the space will be ready for us to move in by March.