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Walking In Steve Jobs’ Shoes

November 26, 2022

Would you want to walk in Steve Jobs’ shoes? Well, someone may be doing just that! A pair of Jobs’ Birkenstocks from the 1970s recently sold at auction and set an auction record for the highest price paid for a pair of sandals …yes, there are records kept for everything!

pair of brown birkenstock sandals - Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ Birkenstock Sandals

In 1976, Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple at Jobs’ parent’s house in Los Altos, California; the house was named a historic landmark in 2013. The well-worn Birkenstock sandals in which Jobs paced the house was anticipated to fetch $60k, and almost tripled the estimate when the final bid came in at $175K ($218,750 w/p). Not bad for a shabby pair of shoes.

The new owner has not been disclosed, and while I am sure the shoes are very comfortable, they will be very difficult to fill.  If you want a new pair, they will cost you about $135 – but you will have to make your own history in them.