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Levi’s – Old School And Cool

October 27, 2022
vintage blue levi's jeans with back pocket and gold buckle


Are you in the market for a new pair of jeans? Well, I have just the pair for you if your style is old school and cool. A pair of Levi Strauss jeans were found in an abandoned mine shaft about five years ago and made their way to the auction block at the beginning of the month in New Mexico. They are considered in fairly good condition and even wearable if you like that worn-in look -LOL.

Experts dated the jeans to the late 19th century; the label inside them was still legible and read “The only kind made by white labor, “a reference to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. According to the Wall Street Journal, Levi’s dropped that statement from the label in the 1890s.

A vintage clothing dealer from San Diego purchased the jeans with a little help from a Los Angeles vintage denim expert who paid 10% of the purchase price. The jeans were estimated to make $40-100K, received 11 bids, and strolled off the auction block selling for $76K ($87.6K w/p). They set a record for the most expensive jeans sold at auction. The new owners believe the jeans are worth about $150K, but they plan to put them on display for all to see.