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The New View – At Least For Now

August 31, 2022
photo of a backyard in summer

Outdoor Office Space

The end of August has arrived, and with that, the end of our lease on 57th Street. In the late 1970s, the gallery moved from a space on Park Avenue South to one on East 63rd Street.  We enjoyed our time there, but the building was sold, went residential, and we were forced out after about 20 years. Some 26 years ago we moved to East 57th Street, and worked on building both the historical and contemporary side of our gallery.

two dogs

Ollie & Travis

Over the years, the 57th Street space got smaller and smaller, or should I say with the growth of our contemporary gallery, there just wasn’t enough room.  You know, artists keep painting and painting! Not to mention the additional staff (gotta love Travis and Ollie, who were not happy to leave). We are not complaining, we just needed more room. Since we were unable to secure a new lease early on, we were forced to rent a storage space at Uovo (a really nice art storage facility in Long Island City). It now appears that our new gallery space at 20 West 55th Street (5th Floor) will not be ready until early 2023. As such, we are all working remotely (something many of us have gotten used to over the past 2 years). The view from my outdoor office space is very nice — at least while the weather is being cooperative. Not sure I will feel the same way in the middle of December.

We will continue to update everyone on the progress of the buildout at our new location. As I have mentioned before, we are always available by phone (212) 355-5710, email, and at several upcoming shows — the first of which are in Baltimore, Boston, and Winnetka.