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Beatles Set A New Record

April 22, 2022

The Beatles are considered the most influential and best-selling music group of all time. The iconic group first performed under the name The Beatles in 1960, and is responsible for biggest hits of the decade. They continue to hold the record as the best-selling artists worldwide, beating out Elvis Presley, Elton John, and Michael Jackson.

Yellow and black poster of the Beatles Shea stadium concert poster from August 23, 1966

Beatles’ Concert Poster, Heritage Auctions

In addition to being the best-selling band, they hold the record for sales in the United States, with 20 songs hitting number 1 on the charts. The group has a new record now: the most expensive concert poster sold at auction. The poster is from the Beatles’ August 23, 1966 concert at Shea Stadium, one of the last live concerts they performed while still touring. Six days later, the Beatles played their last concert for a paying audience at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park, retiring from live shows and focusing exclusively on recording in the studio.

According to the auction room, “Unlike previous Beatles-at-Shea posters, this one of the Fab Four’s final tours was untouched by conservation experts. Its previous owner, who owned it for decades, took great care of the keepsake.” Curiously, the concert did not sell out; about 11,000 of 55,600 tickets were still available at showtime. The Beatles made $189K for their appearance, 65% of the $292K gross ticket sales. The poster came close to that total take. Bidding opened at $115K and quickly escalated, hammering down at $220K ($275K w/p), setting a record for the most expensive concert post sold at auction.