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Spider-Man Spins His Way To An Auction Record

January 27, 2022
a black and white page from the 1984 comic book Spiderman - Spider-Man spins his way to a new auction record


Spider-Man spins his way to a new auction record as an original artwork by Mike Zeck recently sold at auction. He created the piece in 1984 for the comic book Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars No. 8 (page 25); it set a record price for the most expensive interior page of a comic book. 

The three-panel drawing reveals how Peter Parker got his new black costume which Marvel introduced several months before releasing this issue. The Black outfit had a secret….it turns out it was alive. Spider-Man quickly rejects the costume when he realizes that it is evil. The Symbiote costume (the Symbiotes are a fictional species of extraterrestrials created by Marvel comics) soon moves onto Eddie Brock and thus begins the character of Venom. In addition, several Marvel characters are illustrated in one of the bottom panels, including Professor X, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and Mr. Fantastic- sure to attract any superhero fan!

Bidding for the 15 x 10-inch drawing started at $330K and quickly escalated as buyers vied for the super prize. The hammer finally fell at $2.8M ($3.36M w/p), breaking the record set in 2014 when artwork for an interior page of The Incredible Hulk sold for $657K.

Source: Spider-Man comic page sells for record $3.36M bidding