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900 Year Old Pot Surprises Auctioneers

September 17, 2021

small green pot

When an elderly couple passed away, relatives came in to clear out their home.  Everything had to go, so they had a local auction house come in to value the contents. A small crackled celadon green pot/bowl (5 inches tall) that sat on top of the couple’s sideboard in their dining room was estimated, buy the auctioneer, to make a mere £500- 800. Once again, the auction room got it wrong; it turns out the pot is from the Song dynasty; it is a piece of Ru ware created 900 years ago. There are only a small number of similar pieces in private hands today.

Three knowledgeable collectors fought for the prize and totally took the auctioneers by surprise when the pot finally hammered at £320K/$440K (£385K/$529K w/p), just ‘a little more’ than the estimate. And I would say the relatives, with their unexpected windfall, are probably out celebrating!