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Hekking’s Mona Lisa Sells – Stupidity At Its Finest

June 20, 2021
woman in a landscape

Hekking Mona Lisa

I think many will agree that this week’s result from Christie’s sale of a 17th-century copy of the Mona Lisa, called the Hekking Mona Lisa, illustrates how crazy the art world has become — not to mention that some people have far too much money.

Back in the 1950s, Raymond Hekking claimed he purchased THE REAL ‘Mona Lisa’ for £3 and went on a crusade to prove that his painting was, in fact, the original. He even produced a video — you can see it HERE.

Of course, his claims fell short, and the work was determined to be a 17th-century copy. Just look at the figure’s hands; is that the work of a master? This week, the painting appeared in an online auction with an estimate of €200-300,000 and sold for €2.9M ($3.4M).

Total stupidity!

Source: ‘This is madness’: ‘Hekking’ Mona Lisa copy sold for 2.9 million euros in Paris auction

Source: The Hekking Mona Lisa – where the value of a painting, even a very good copy, lies