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The Salvator Mundi Saga Continues — This Time On The Big Screen

April 8, 2021


The da Vinci story never seems to end. Is it real or not? I doubt we will ever find out. On April 13, The Savior for Sale, a film about the da Vinci saga, is scheduled to hit the big screen. In the movie, which I have not seen, we learn about the Louvre’s extensive scientific examination and their conclusion that the artist “only contributed” to the work. Really, “contributed”?

The film also gives a great deal of behind-the-scenes information about the financial wheeling and dealing between the Saudi Prince (who paid $450M for the work at Christie’s) and the French government. Of course, the Prince wanted the work included in the Louvre’s exhibition about Leonardo. He even insisted that it be displayed next to the Mona Lisa, presenting it as authentic. In the end, the Louvre (or science) won out and did not include it in their exhibition.

I guess this $450M story will never go away.

Source: The real reason why the Salvator Mundi didn’t make it into the Louvre’s Leonardo show