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Schiele Restitution

February 12, 2021
nude woman

Egon Schiele

Recently, there was some good news for the heirs of Heinrich Rieger (a Jewish Viennese dentist who was killed at the Theresienstadt concentration camp located in the Czech Republic).  According to an article in The Art Newspaper, [t]he German government’s advisory panel on Nazi-looted art has called on the city of Cologne to return Egon Schiele Crouching Female Nude to Rieger’s heirs. In 2019, The Art Newspaper reported on another Schiele from the Rieger collection that ended up in a legal battle  – Who really owns this Schiele watercolour Portrait of the Artist’s Wife?

Over three decades, Rieger allowed artists to use works of art to pay for dental procedures.  In the end, he amassed a collection of over 800 works, which included many by Kokoschka, Klimt, and Schiele.  In fact, he owned so many pieces by Schiele that he dedicated an entire room in his home to the artist’s work.

Source: German Nazi loot panel urges return of Schiele work at Museum Ludwig to Jewish dentist’s heirs