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Gulbenkian Arrested In Portugal

June 18, 2020

Disgraced German art dealer Angela Gulbenkian, has been arrested in Portugal after the U.K. issued a European Arrest Warrant for skipping trial.  Gulbenkian faces charges of theft from two separate lawsuits.  The first in 2018, when she allegedly sold a yellow pumpkin sculpture by Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama to Hong Kong based art advisor, Mathieu Ticolat.  According to the complaint, Ticolat paid £1.1m for the sculpture and never received it.

A year later, another complaint was filed when a London based art dealer was contacted by a German Professor (Braun) demanding the return of, or compensation for, his Warhol print. According to reports, the London dealer, whose name has not been made public, purchased the work for £115,000 and it is alleged that Gulbenkian pocketed the money — never paying Braun.


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