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Curated Connections: Beachy Keen

June 10, 2020

It is day 82 (it is actually day 90 now, but I wrote this just before I moved into a new apartment) and weird things are happening… I thought it was the television or the possibility that quarantining for almost three months may be causing hallucinations, but I am hearing sounds of the beach 27 stories above sea level in Manhattan.  I shook my head, lowered the volume of the television, and continued with image editing and uploading.  Moments later, again, the not so faint sound of a seagull.  I look up and out the window, there they are, a flock of seagulls circling the East River just a city-block distance away.  THAT’S NEW…and weird…and kind of awesome! So finally, after my long stent of a lack of inspiration for these little collections (I mean…it’s like we're living the real life Groundhog Day movie lately), I am hit with a sudden relaxation with the sights and sounds of the coast.  Unfortunately, visiting the beach is not on my calendar anytime soon, so here are a few available works that will keep you warm and sunny inside…if only they could help with a tan too!