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Curated Connections: Oops Proof Artwork

April 16, 2020

I have come to learn; I am not a puzzle person. My fiancé and I broke out a 2,000-piece puzzle back when the quarantine began, and it is pathetic how little we’ve accomplished. So, my parents came to the rescue by dropping off a big container of my childhood games, which had been placed in storage many years ago. Amongst the relics, a Wii! My fiancé had been trying to convince me for weeks to buy some sort of gaming console, but I didn’t want us to get stuck in front of a TV more than we already are. However, a Wii! That’s as close as it gets to bringing physical sports indoors without worrying about knocking over a vase or batting a ball through the window. Well, that’s what I THOUGHT! As I sat on the couch and watched my fiancé perfect his virtual golf swing, I was having day-mares (you know, daydreams but the bad kind) of him releasing his grip on the controller and it puncturing the painting over our television. For those who have had that unfortunate experience, and for those who now know they want to avoid it, here are a few works that are safe for the game room! I’m going to nix works on canvas and anything behind glass…only strong, sturdy, and dentproof paintings … well, depending how hard you chuck that controller or the speed of your back pull on a pool cue.


Here is a collection of fun and fail-safe paintings that are currently available at the gallery. They will suit your game room needs!