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Fordjour vs. Blumenthal

March 20, 2020

Tales from the dark sideA lawsuit between artist Derek Fordjour and Robert Blumenthal Gallery is making its way through the courts.  According to an article in Artnews, the gallery originally paid the artist $20K for 20 works and only received 13.  Now they want the other 7 pieces, or $1.45M.  Guess Fordjour is one of those artists that went from nothing to something very quickly … those stories always amaze me.

This whole thing seems crazy. Why doesn’t Fordjour create 7 works for the gallery that gave him early support, and then move on? The biggest winners here will be the attorneys.

On a side note, back in 2015 one of the artist’s works – Untitled (Girl with Trophy), 2015, 60 x 52 inches – brought $8,125.  Four years later (2019), his Green Horn (from 2014, 60 x 40 inches) made $169,293.  Now that is an impressive increase.

We will pass on any updates as they become available.

Source: Artist Derek Fordjour Hits Back at New York Gallery’s Lawsuit: ‘Success Often Breeds Resentment’