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Fake Hals Case Finally Settled

December 29, 2019
Fake Frans Hals

Fake Frans Hals

A 2016 case finally comes to an end as the British court sides with Sotheby’s over a brokered sale of an alleged Frans Hals. American art collector, Richard Hedreen purchased “Portrait of a Man” for $10.75M through a private sale at Sotheby’s — the painting came from art investment firm, Fairlight Art Ventures and, London-based art dealer, Mark Weiss. After rumors erupted in the art world about the risk of forgeries in the European Old Master’s sector, Hedreen hired Orion Analytics to scientifically test the work. The result, “undoubtedly a forgery.” Sotheby’s reimbursed Hedreen the full sale price and then expected to be reimbursed by Fairlight and Weiss. Just before the case went to court, Weiss paid Sotheby’s several million dollars (the actual amount was not disclosed) while Fairlight dismissed their request arguing it was not an official partner of the sale. Fortunately for Sotheby’s, the court ruled in favor of every point presented.

Source: Investors Must Pay Back Sotheby’s Over Forged Frans Hals, Court Finds