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Mock Rothko

October 29, 2019

Ron Meyer, NBCUniversal vice chairman and co-founder of Creative Artists Agency, claims New York art dealer Susan Seidel, and California-based dealer Jamie Frankfort, along with five unnamed defendants, duped him out of $10 million.  According to the case, Meyer purchased a Mark Rothko painting 20 years ago for $900,000 plus commission fees ($45,000), and recently found out the work is a “total forgery.” Meyer claims that Frankfort and Seidel misrepresented the work claiming it was signed by Rothko, acquired directly from the artist by the seller’s family, and had been accepted into the upcoming catalogue raisonné of Rothko’s work. Unfortunately, none of that was true. Meyer is seeking the current market value for the work had it been authentic … $10 million.  Should the judge find the defendants truly did not know the work was a fake, Meyer will then seek a full refund of the deal $945,000, plus back interest and attorney fees.

Source: Ron Meyer Sues Claiming Forged Mark Rothko Painting Cost Him $10 Million

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