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Caught On Camera – Bye-Bye Dali

October 23, 2019
Burning Giraffe - Stolen from Dennis Rae Fine Art

Burning Giraffe – Stolen from Dennis Rae Fine Art

San Francisco police are on high alert after being notified by Dennis Rae Fine Art Gallery that a man casually walked into their premises and stole a $20,000 etching by Salvador Dali … nearby surveillance footage shows the thief walking away with the Dali in tow. According to the gallery, “Burning Giraffe” is a well-known work by the artist, inspired by Picasso, and was the featured piece in their Dali exhibition.

Local police are asking that anyone with information about the Dali or suspect to please contact them.

Source & Video: Dalí etching worth $20K stolen from San Francisco Union Square gallery

Source: Salvador Dalí Etching Stolen From San Francisco Gallery In ‘Snatch And Run’