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Another Da Vinci? Give Me A Break

October 3, 2019
Horse and Rider

“Horse and Rider” Source: Guernsey’s

It has been announced that another ‘da Vinci’ work is going to hit the market this month … really?  According to reports, a bronze titled Horse and Rider will be offered at a New York auction with an estimate of $30-$50M.  Ok, with Salvator Mundi making $450M, $30-50M seems like a reasonable estimate for an authentic bronze by the artist.  However, this sculpture was not cast back in the 1500s, but created in 2012 … yes, just 7 years ago.  Also, there were 70 casts done and were originally priced between $25-35K — who buys into this crap?

So, what you are telling me is that a bronze sculpture, cast 500 plus years after the beeswax mold was created, is worth millions of dollars?  Give me a break!  In addition, there are a number of da Vinci scholars who are on the record stating that there is no way the artist created this work.  The artworld is so screwed up!

Here are my other questions: How did the auction room come up with that estimate?  How can an Old Master bronze, cast 7 years ago, be worth $30-50M? Why does the press publicize these ridiculous stories?

Source: Another Da Vinci of Disputed Origin Heads to Auction in New York