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Like The Energizer Bunny, The da Vinci Saga Keeps Going And Going

June 4, 2019

Leonardo_da_Vinci_or_Boltraffio_(attrib)_Salvator_Mundi_circa_1500Here is a bit more on the – is it or isn’t it a Leonardo debate.  Over the weekend, Dalya Alberge wrote an article that was published in The Guardian stating that Dr. Carmen Bambach (a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art) who was invited by Christie’s to see the work, has denied that she was among the scholars who believe the painting is by da Vinci.

As time goes on, it seems that the Salvator Mundi saga gets messier and messier.

Source: Leonardo da Vinci expert declines to back Salvator Mundi as his painting | Art and design | The Guardian