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From RETNA, Without Love – Graffiti Artist Gone Wild

December 11, 2018

Los Angeles based graffiti artist RETNA took his artistic styling off the canvas and onto his gallery’s walls….windows…doors….etc.  According to a report posted on TMZ, RETNA became enraged when he noticed that his gallery (Maddox Gallery, who opened a new location in West Hollywood) was not displaying his work next to contemporary hot-shot Damien Hirst.  RETNA decided to take matters into his own hands (literally) and tagged the walls on either side of a large Hirst piece and posted an image to his Instagram account (it has since been removed).  After the gallery repainted the walls, RETNA returned to the gallery, threatened the staff and tagged the exterior of the gallery with silver spray-paint. Police say it may cost more than $50,000 to repair the damages.